Kuji Foldable Chair (Natural)
Kuji Foldable Chair (Natural)
Kuji Foldable Chair (Natural)
Kuji Foldable Chair (Natural)
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Kuji Foldable Chair (Natural)

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Material: Solid Beech Wood, Rattan

Beech Wood -  Belonging to the category of “hard-wearing” wood, beech hardwood is non-porous, has a solid density and a strong surface. This means, it will last against pressure, chipping, and gouging, more than some other varieties of wood. Beech wood offers significant resistance to pressure, because of being hard, heavy, and strong which is perfect for a foldable chair like Kuji.



Over-all Chair Dimension: L54.5 x W46 x H82 cm

Seat Dimension: L40 x W42 cm

Seat Height: 43 cm


Over-all Chair Dimension when folded: W46 x Thickness 8 x H97.5 cm

Care and Maintenance: To keep your Kuji Foldable Chair in good condition, thorough and regular cleaning is essential. Regardless of the type of wood, the use of excess water should be avoided because it can leave long-lasting stains on your furniture. Wiping it with a damp microfibre cloth together to remove any grime, dust and spots is all that’s required of you to it look its best.


  1. Our Kuji Foldable Chair is a handmade product which has handmade characteristics. Due to the character of the natural product, all dimensions, finishes are approximate and any minor inconsistencies are not considered to be defects or faults. These characteristics are uniquely to be embraced and cannot be used as a basis for a refund or replacement.
  2. For the product colors and descriptions, we try to be as accurate as possible especially with the photos when we upload them on our webstore. We disclose each and every detail of description needed for each product. But due to many variations of the monitors of each individual, some colors may vary in actual, hence, By The Form does not warrant that all of these photos are accurate. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause on both parties.
  3. Wood colors may not match your monitor and some may differ upon exposure with light once seen on actual. Rest assured that the color indicated on the description of each product is what it is once posted on this webstore.
  4. We base all actual colors with the description given and once the customer approves of this we are not liable for return or replacement. Seeing the products upfront will be subject for discussion with notice in case dissatisfaction occurs on our customer's end.