About Us

“Creating peaceful and airy spaces that promote calmness” is the concept behind this pursuit. Founded in 2019, By The Form is an online home furnishing shop based in Manila. Elements of minimalism, functionality and timelessness focused in both Japanese and Scandinavian design, are all present in the shop’s curated line of objects.

Our purpose is for a space to be relevant to the dweller, to peacefully awaken both the senses and the soul. Finding the right balance between function and beauty. For our pieces to encourage practicality and simplicity to blend in enough with other items in your home.

By The Form’s curated pieces gravitate towards simple, minimal designs, the focus being on what is essential and needed, in terms of function and form. Our values help us focus by limiting it only on simple fundamentals, accessibility, practicality, versatility and flexibility. We want to curate every kind of our pieces in a way that a person might need for life.

You will find that our products are leaving only what is necessary. The design we try to curate fits perfectly into any space.


Welcome to By The Form.