What is By The Form Spaces?

Plain, Simple & Useful spaces are the key to easy living.

Plain means materials that speak for themselves, uncluttered form and an absence of the kind of decoration that is designed to obscure rather than enhance.

Simple implies a direct connection with the elemental pleasures in your home — basic peace and quiet is a good example.

Useful is true practicality. The right amount of objects applied to a home within its space with the right function and purpose that it can give you.

Most people sometimes shy of this approach because most imagine that it implies not having enough money to spend. While it is true simplicity can be economical — which is an advantage in itself — it is far from rough and ready and sometimes not all that cheap.

Our appreciation of plain, simple and useful inspired us to reject the complexity of over-decoration which is the prime purpose to show off success, wealth and status — we hope that people may realize that a simple life is an easier one and in the end, much more luxurious in itself.



By The Form Spaces is a sub-category of By The Form focused on real estate. Here, we showcase spaces that are renovated from bare into full accordance to the vision that By The Form implies as a brand. All spaces are up for listing.

We pay attention to material character — we choose natural, solid surfaces and finishes that have the potential to wear well and improve with age. We do not tackle rooms on a piece by piece basis, instead, we work out a limited palette of colors and textures, as expressed in the materials that we select and repeat them from area to area, as appropriate, to give a feeling of unity in the space.

Detailing is key — well-designed and well-made details, such as handles, catches, taps, switches, along with architectural features, such as the door frames, baseboards, spell out a message of quality on an almost subconscious level.

Making connections — We don’t experience our homes in a static way, from only one point of view. All these transitional spaces are just as important as the rooms where we spend more time. Routes need to be planned so that the different areas of the home connect in the most logical way; they also need to be kept clean and uncluttered so you have a sense of breathing space.

Applied to our spaces as a whole, is this discerning approach resulting into effortlessly stylish, timeless and easy living.


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