Ida Pendant Light [Grey]
Ida Pendant Light [Grey]
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Ida Pendant Light [Grey]

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Dimension: D400 x H238 (mm)

Wire: 1m

Material: Aluminum + Metal

Aluminum is a lightweight metal which makes it very perfect for a pendant light. This also makes it easier to transport and install. Aluminium is also very malleable, this means products of aluminium can be formed close to the end of the design process, streamlining high-volume production and also achieving the shape that we want for our lights. Aluminum has a visible light reflectivity of around 80% and can also reflect heat. This together with its low weight makes it a great reflector for our pendant lights.

Finish: Powder coated, Matte

Number of bulbs included: 1 (3W LED Bulb)

Care and Maintenance: Dust regularly if needed. To retain the character, texture, and finish it is recommended NOT to clean it with detergents, abrasives, or commercial cleaners.To remove excess dust, cobwebs or other matter, use a soft dry brush (i.e. a dustpan brush) or cobweb broom ONLY.